1. General

  1. These General Conditions apply to all our sales and deliveries of goods.
  2. They govern the conclusion, content and performance there of.
  3. They are expressly accepted by the purchaser when placing any orders. 
  4. Any amendments, additions or waivers are valid only with our express written acceptance. 
  5. Only our "Key Cutters" can be ordered directly over the Internet. 
  6. For our "Special Cutters", which are made to order and not held in stock, a prior offer has to be made by us.

2. Offers

  1. Our offers are always made without commitment and have a validity of three months. 
  2. They are made subject to changes in prices, assortments or technical modifications. 
  3. They remain our property and shall not be brought to the attention of third parties without our agreement. 
  4. The purchaser undertakes to return them to us in case of refusal.

3. Conclusion of the contract

  1. For any on-line order of "Key Cutters", the purchaser must fill in an order form.
  2. To confirm his/her order, the buyer must first makehis/her payment by credit card through the Ogone company. As an alternative, payment can be made before shipment by bank transfer, againt pro-forma invoice. 
  3. The contract is deemed to have been concluded on receipt by the purchaser of the confirmation of payment from Ogone company. 
  4. After confirmation, we send the purchaser an order confirmation that determines the scope and performance of the delivery. The purchaser should check it immediately and inform us without delay of any mistakes or discrepancies noted. 
  5. For the sale of "Special Cutters", the contract is deemed to have been concluded only if we have confirmed in writing the receipt of an order.

4. Price and payment

  1. To confirm his/her order, the buyer must first make his/her payment by credit card through the Ogone company. As an alternative, payment can be made before shipment by bank transfer, againt pro-forma invoice.
  2. The prices indicated in our catalogue or in our offers are binding, with the exception of any obvious writing, printing or calculation mistakes. The prices indicated in our catalogue or in our offers arebinding, with the exception of any obvious writing, printing or calculation mistakes. 
  3. They are expressed in Swiss francs (CHF), in euro (€) and in dollars (US $). 
  4. They are understood to be net, without discounts or deductions of any kind. 
  5. They include the costs of packing and marking. 
  6. For the delivery of goods in Switzerland, the value added tax (VAT) is calculated separately on the invoicein accordance with legal requirements. 
  7. For the delivery of goods abroad, the import taxes (VAT and custom duties) as well as any other administrative taxes levied in the country of delivery are charged exclusively to the purchaser.

5. Shipment lead times

  1. In general, if an order is placed and paid for (i.e. receipt of payment) by 12:00 noon on a normal business day, Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA will transfer the products to the post office or a carrier on the same business day. If the order and payment is received after 12:00 noon, shipping will occur on the following business day. Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA will inform the customer via e-mail of the transfer. In exceptions (especially if the products are out of stock or if bulk goods are being ordered) there can be a difference of up to 15 business days between receipt of payment and delivery.
  2. If the products selected by the customer are not available at the time the order is placed, Fraises & Outils SELECTION SA will inform the customer upon receipt of the order.
  3. During annual vacations or on public holidays, the leadtime may be changed without prior notice, but will notexceed 15 workdays. 
  4. For our "Special Cutters", the shipment lead time isstipulated expressly in our order confirmation. 
  5. Delays in delivery do not constitute grounds for any claims by the purchaser.

6. Shipment and transport

  1. Goods delivered in Swiss territory are sent through the Swiss Post Office. Those destined abroad are sent via carrier (UPS Express Saver).
  2. The shipping expenses are charged to the purchaser
  3. In case of loss of goods, we undertake to replace the lost goods free of charge or to repay the entire amountpaid by the purchaser at the time of his/her order.

7. Transfer of profits and risks

  1. Profits and risks are transferred to the purchaser on receipt, by himself or by a person appointed by him/her,of the goods at the place of performance designated in our order confirmation.

8. Warranty

  1. As manufacturer, we warrant that the products offered have the promised qualities, that they do not have any material or legal defects decreasing their value or their capability to perform their expected functions and that they are delivered in perfect working order.
  2. We decline all responsibility in case of incorrect use of the delivered goods, inadequate maintenance, excessive stress, failure to comply with the use and protection instructions, servicing by the purchaser or third parties that is not performed in accordance with good practice, incorrect assembly, normal wear, extreme environmental influences or for any causes outside our control. 
  3. If any defect is noted by the purchaser, the goods considered defective should be returned to us immediately, together with the invoice and a short explanatory letter. 
  4. Upon receipt of the goods, an appraisal will be made to establish the cause of the problem. 
  5. If the delivered goods have any defects for which we are responsible, we will replace such goods or eliminate the defect free of charge, at our choice. 
  6. Any other claims of the purchaser are excluded.

9. Complaints – Cancellation of order

  1. Any complaints shall be notified to us in writing within 10 days following receipt of the goods.
  2. Failing this, they will not be taken into consideration and the delivery will be deemed to have been accepted. 
  3. Any cancellation of orders in progress is excluded.

10. Governing law and jurisdiction of courts

  1. Swiss substantive law is applicable.
  2. The place of performance is at our registered office in 2022 Bevaix (NE) and the courts competent for that territory have jurisdiction in the event of any disputes. 
  3. We reserve the right to take action and to initiate proceedings against the purchaser before the courts ofhis/her place of domicile or registered office or beforeany other competent court.