7. Data protection

  •  Do you sell personal data or addresses of your customers to third parties?
No. We are commited to protecting your privacy and we do not exchange data with third parties. Only your address is communicated  to execute the order (e.g. information transmitted to Fedex for the delivery)
All information regarding your purchases (private data, shopping lists, etc.), will always be handled and treated with absolute confidentiality. At any time you can access and change your customer data by using your login and password.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card ?

Yes, absolutely! We use the latest security technologies and procedures available on the Internet. The security of our website is recognized by VeriSign, the worldwide reference for Internet security. This means that your credit card data are securely transmitted with the SSL-Protocol*: it is encrypted, coded before being sent and is decrypted only after arrival. In that way, it cannot be intercepted by anyone.

  • Secured data transmission guaranteed
  Our website is recognized by Six Payment Services, the worldwide reference for Internet security. The transmission of your payment information can be done securely online during your order. Acertigo